Gelare Khoshgozaran

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Lives and works in Los Angeles, CA.

2011 MFA, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA
2009 BA Photography, University of Arts, Tehran, Iran

2016 1۹8۲1۳6۱ performance at Discostan, Footsie’s Bar, Los Angeles, CA
2015 I Went to the Doctor and Guess What He Told Me, Local Project, Long Island City, NY
2015 Undocumentary (reading and performance) at Evening of Various Wonders organized by Jen Hofer, Los Angeles, CA
2014 The Drone Operator, performance at Discostan in partnership with the LA Islam Arts Initiative, Footsie’s Bar, Los Angeles
2012 The Flirtatious Pirouette of the Artist Around His Subject [sic], Neely Macomber Travel Award Show, Roski Gallery at USC, Los Angeles, CA
2011 rial & tERROR, MFA Thesis Exhibition, Roski Gallery at USC, Los Angeles, CA
2008 Nostalgia, Gelare Khoshgozaran and Mehregan Kazemi, Laleh Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2015 Scheherzade’s Gift, Local Project, Long Island City, NY
2015 fadeinfadeout, organized by Jimena Sarno, 435 S Broadway, Los Angeles
2015 Nietzsche Was A Man, Pori Art Museum, Finland
2015 Black Gold and White Noise , PØST, Los Angeles, CA
2014 Shangri La: Imagined Cities, Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2014 Theory of Survival: Fabrications, Southern Exposure, San Francisco, CA
2014 A Meerkat’s Whistle, 3 Days Awake, Los Angeles, CA
2014 Artists’ Books and Cookies III, Ooga Booga and ForYourArt, Los Angeles
2013 A Bomb, With Ribbon Around It, Queens Museum of Art, New York, NY
2013 Encyclonospace Iranica, Curated by Mohammad Salemy, Access Gallery, Vancouver, BC
2013 Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow Coagula Curatorial, Los Angeles, CA
2013 Muslihat Video Festival, Galeri Nasional Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia
2013 Nietzsche Was A Man, Museo Ex-Teresa Arte Actual, Mexico
2012 The Invisible Present, Curated by AmirAli Ghasemi, Stephen Bulger Gallery, Toronto, ON
2011 STATUS! STATUS! STATUS! Exhibition and Workshop, Interstate Projects, Brooklyn, NY
2011 Iran via Video Current, Thomas Erben Gallery, New York, NY
2011 Bloodlines, Craftswoman House, Pasadena, CA
2011 آن On UN TV, Organized by Katayoun Vaziri, Vaudeville Park Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2011 TVDinner, Sazmanab Project Tehran and OtherIS, Queens Museum of Art, Queens, NY
2011 Failure, The Cube at List Visual Arts Center at MIT, Cambridge, MA
2011 Close to My Heart, Arad Museum Complex, Arad, Romania
2010 One Hour Photo Project, American University Museum at the Katzen Arts Center, Washington, DC
2009 Appropriation Allowed, Aaran Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2016 Santa Fe Art Institute Emigration/Immigration Residency
2015 The Warhol Foundation | Creative Capital Arts Writers Grant Award
2015 at land’s edge, Visual Research Fellow, Fall 2015
2015 California Community Foundation Fellowship for Visual Arts, Emerging Artist Fellowship
2014 Rema Hort Mann Yo Yo Yo Artist Grant (with Shagha Ariannia)
2012 Meta Young Art Critic Award, artgenève 2013
2011 USC Neely Macomber Travel Award

2016 The Body of the Email, Brooklyn Rail, February 2016
2015 Epitaph for Family, a conversation with Johanna Breiding, Temporary Art Review
2015 ATTN Journal, issue 1: July 31, 2015, published by Further Other Book Works
2015 Belaboring the Fringe: in lieu of an Artist Statement, Temporary Art Review
2015 AIRGRAMS, TRIPWIRE Journal #9: Transnational/Translational
2014 TRANSPOSITIONS, Shangri La: Imagined Cities exhibition catalog, Co-edited by Rijin Sahakian and Mostafa Heddaya, commissioned by the LA Islam Arts Initiative
2014 The House of Melancholy and Strength, Jadaliyya, July 2014
2014 When the Kid Was A Kid: A Conversation with Anahita Ghazvinizadeh, Wild Gender, April 2014
2014 Iran Modern? Sure, What About It? A Conversation with Mohammad Salemy, Ajam Media Collective
2014 Under Contemporary Art’s Vitrine, The Enemy, issue 1.
2012 Nostalgia for a Past I have Never Had, Parkett vol.91
2012 Regarding Our Pain and Others, Wild Gender, July 2012

PUBLICATION (translation)
2015 Contributing Translator: Art in Theory 1900-2000 (Eng-Farsi translation, Tehran 2016)
2014 Contributing Translator: Fictionville, Rokni Haerizadeh’s Monograph, Negar Azimi, Koenig Books, London
2013 Translator: Reconstructing Gender: Iraqi Women Between Dictatorship, Sanctions, War and Occupation, Al-Ali, Nadje. Third World Quarterly Vol. 26, No. 4/5. Persian translation published in Zannegaar Journal of Women Studies, Vol. 9
2012 Translation: Critical Theory: Very Short Introduction, Bronner, Stephen Eric. Oxford University Press, 2011 (Persian translation, publication on hold)
2011 Contributing Translator: Alighiero e Boetti, Godfrey, Mark. Yale University Press
2009 Translator: Between the Eyes: Essays on Photography and Politics, Levi Strauss, David. Aperture, 2005 (Persian translation, publication on hold)
2007 Contributing Translator: Crisis of the Real, Writings on Photography, Grundberg, Andy. Aperture, 1995 (Persian translation, publication on hold)