Payam Mofidi

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2009 Degree with honors in Animations at “l’Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs” Paris, France

2005 Bachelor of graphics, Azad University (Art and Architecture), Tehran, Iran

2015 Cohesive Disorder, The Ferry Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
2014 Cohesive Disorder, Assar art gallery, Tehran/Iran
2012 Destroyed Memories, Assar art gallery, Tehran/Iran

2015 MAI (Montreal Art Intercultural) Duo Exhibition, Montreal
2015 Unfailing Memory, Video art exhibition, Alter Wiehrebahnhof and Kunstverein gallery Freiburg , Germany
2015 Salonesque, MAI, Montreal
2015 Crisis of History #3 – Beyond History, Framer Framed, Amsterdam
2015 Confusion, Iranian artists in Roman Labyrinths, Rome
2014 Interactive video installation, Mohsen Gallery, Tehran
2014 Alwan for the arts. Shirin Gallery, NY
2013 Manipulated Image exhibition of video art, Gislaved. Sweden
2013 Manipulated Images, Coagula Curatorial, Los Angeles
2013 Truly Yours, Ville imaginaire, Les Territoires Gallery, Montréal
2013 “The sea. Smiles from far off. Teeth of foam. Lips of sky.” Lorca, OBORO, Montréal
2013 The MOP CAP 2013 Shortlist Exhibition, Dubai, UAE
2012 “Close to My Heart”, Digital Marrakech, Morocco
2012 CINEMATICA, Micro Festival dedicated to Iran. La Elastica, Montréal
2012 ECLECTIK 2012, M.A.I, Montreal
2012 The invisible present, Stephen Bulger Gallery, Toronto
2012 Ville imaginaire, Les Territoires Gallery, Montréal
2011 Iran via Video current, Thomas Erben gallery, New York
2011 exhibition, Aubette, Strasbourg, France
2009 Group exhibition; painting, gravure (etching, metal graving), and photography Paris, France
2006 painting exhibition; Aban Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2003 Painting exhibition in 6th biennial event of Painting in Tehran, Iran
2001 painting exhibition; “Tarahan Azad” gallery, Tehran, Iran
2000 Group exhibition; Mural painting and installations, Tehran, Iran
1998-2000 Group Exhibitions; “Elaheh” Gallery, “Laleh” Gallery, “Free Artist” Gallery, Iran

2015 Athens Digital Arts Festival, Athens
2015 A festival of imaginary enevnst for rooftops in Tehran and London, UK, Iran season of culture, Forest Fringe
2014 Festival du nouveau cinéma (FNC), Montreal, Canada
2011 Pulso Iraniano Iranian contemporary art, Rio, Brasil
2011 “Without borders film festival”, Italy
2011 Festival “Cologne OFF”, Arad Art Museum Romania
2011 Festival « Cologne-off », official selection
2010 Festival « Temps d’images »/ France
Selection for the competition “Rythmetic” International Festival of Animated Experimental Animation Film Festival.
 French animation festival in the Franco-Japanese Institute/Yokohama
Video – Short film Screening
2015 CineArprim, Arprim Montreal
2014 Parishani, Art cinema OFFoff, Gent
2013 Video Screening night, CINE-ARPRIM, Montreal
2010 Short Film screening in the Short Films Evening, Prague
2010 Short Film screening in the short film evening “Iran Vs …” Istanbul
2008 Participation in Clermont – Ferrand short-film festival, France
Video-installation (art video) intended to “OFF” sector of the festival (ENSAD)

2014 CALQ research and creation grant, Montreal
2014 SODEC grant for visual artists, Montreal
2012 Magic of Persia contemporary art prize, Short list
2012 M.A.I.-PRIM Grant for video installation together with Ila Firouzabadi, Montreal
2010 Jury special prize, “Rythmetic” International Festival, France

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