Sasan Abri

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Sasan Abri
Artist Statement

Conjunctivitis, red-eye, is a malady that irritates the soft tissue of the inner lids and the ball of the eye disturbing clear vision. It is contagious. Here it has infected the paper I print on.

The chemical and physical disturbances on the surface of the Polaroid creep into my eyes, and to my mind, melding me to the vague and suspended surfaces that hold me, mesmerized.

This is no simple chemical reaction; it’s fear’s insidious effect. A fear born from the constant view of distant states extended so very near.

So distant that they are invisible, indecipherable, yet so close, that their shapes create fear.

The malady continues, sometimes merely an internal thought, sometimes they spill on paper like this, but never an escape from the disturbed vision that cannot help but see.