Zhiyuan Wang

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2015 MFA in Painting, San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA
2013 BFA in Art Education, China Academy of Art, HangZhou, China

2015 Younger Than George, George Lawson Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2015 How Many Hamlets? Dalian Art Museum, Dalian, China
2015 Edge Effect, Fort Mason Center, San Francisco, CA
2014 Belong, Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2014 Continuing MFA Exhibition, Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2014 Graduate Open Studios, San Francisco Art Institute, CA
2013 Yes, Youth, East Street No.6 Gallery, HangZhou, China
2013 Graduation Show, China Academy of Art, HangZhou, China

2015 MFA Now: Archive Project / Juried Exhibition, Root Division, San Francisco, CA
2014 Photo Feature: San Francisco Art Institute Graduate Open Studios, Art Enthusiast
2013 Exhibition Catalog, Art Education Department of China Academy of Art

2011-2012 Academic Year Individual Scholarship, China Academy of Art
2010-2011 Academy Year Third Prize Scholarship, China Academy of Art